RC & The Gritz are best known as the supergroup behind singer Erykah Badu. The band blew us all away with this ridiculously funky version of their tune “Jelly Roll”.

For this special Spectrasonics Presents pop-up show we put on in Hollywood, we setup a laptop-only rig for musical director RC Williams, installed with only our virtual instruments Keyscape and Omnisphere!

The Prophet 6 here is being used just as a controller for Omnisphere’s new Hardware Synth Integration feature. The sounds you hear are actually coming from Omnisphere. The core hook riff is coming from Keyscape’s Wah Wah Clavinet patch with no additional FX.

RC Williams: Keyscape Clavinet, Omnisphere Synth
Cleon “Gudfoot” Edwards: Drums
Joe Cleveland: Bass
Chris Payton: Guitar
Jonathan Mones: Sax
Kazunori Tanaka: Trumpet, Wah
Nicholas Eugene Rothouse: Percussion

Find out more about:
Omnisphere: http://bit.ly/1cTnWiV
Keyscape: http://bit.ly/2bIZqk5

RC & The Gritz: https://rcandthegritz.com/